Sunday, April 7, 2019

VT Weekend of 4.6.19

Possible breakout of a large flagging pattern. Friday closed just below point of control from gap up in late '17 to all time highs in late '18. Buy the world on your regular schedule and enjoy your life.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

US Yields, Monthly Breakout and Continuation

24 month pivots. First time a pivot high this large has been broken since the bull market in bonds began. Also important to note is that the most recent pivot low was in fact a lower low so I can't call this down trend over. It is strongly in question though as there was no close below the previous pivot low and a continuation pattern on this break above the the previous pivot high. As of right now we have broadening pivots with higher rates having more strength.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Dollar Swissy

Consolidating at highs. If you're of the mindset that the dollar weakens going forward, this is one worth keeping an eye on. I'll be watching it going forward but at least for now there is no trade here for me

Weekend Breadth Update

Breadth headed in the wrong direction last week. The risk proxy and McClellan both softened.

The equal weight Global ETF AD line also pulled back

ields spreads also did what you'd expect

Shorts Last Week

Short positions currently red. Short NQ on Monday. Friday closed above my entry *unhappy face*. Stop is now set at last weeks high.

Sysco punched me but at least this one was defined risk.

New Podcast Find - Top Traders Unplugged

Top Traders Unplugged is first podcast I've seen that is strictly for the managed futures space. It's different enough from the others that I have taken a shining to it recently. You can check it out on iPodcasts or whatever Apple calls that.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Currencies I'm Watching for Week of February 4th

I am not trading currencies but have been watching them some. I think there are some trends that are long in the tooth and worth looking at for their potential RR.

First up is the Peso. South America has been handling this recent pullback in equities well, the currencies appear to be helping

Those hosers up in Canadia are looking pretty swol. Canadian Dollar doing well recently against the Swissy and Buck

I know I've been Pounding (C wut I did ther) the table to be long the Pound. Gold > Sterling for now, methinks. Pound looks unattractive against South African Rand.